Droneboarding Sports First Tested

Drone, the unmanned aerial vehicles, is at the forefront of technologies that are constantly occupying the agenda for a long time. Prepared for various purposes, drones are used for shooting, military duties, entertainment and transportation purposes, but now they have been tested for the first time as a new sporting event. First attempts were made for this potential type of sport called droneboarding.


Droneboarding, which is extremely simple in concept, is based on slider’s sliding with the help of a drone. The broadcast video was shot by a child drone on the snowboard and the first droneboarding experiment was done in this way.

Adults are often used in such experiments, but at this point a small boy modeled because drone had no power to attract an adult human. Droneboarding experiments that are very open to development can test multiple and more powerful drones so that adults can use it.