Huawei wins MWC 2016 calendar format

Anker Türkiye

MWC 2016, the Mobile World Congress to introduce the next generation of mobile technologies and devices, has been a while. It will take place in Barcelona between February 22 and 25, and as the TechnologyOku, we are going to follow on-site. Announced the date of the meeting in Huawei after Sony


MWC 2016, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, will take place from February 22-25. In the past days, we announced Sony’s meeting date on February 22nd. A new information came out about China-based Huawei. Huawei’s official launch of the P9 launch was officially announced on February 21st.

At the CES 2016, the company that shows the Mate 8 model is expected to show the Huawei P9 model with a press conference 1 day before the MWC 2016. In addition to the P9, the Mate 8 and other products are expected to be on display at the exhibition stands.