About Y1 Technology

YI Technology is the leading provider of advanced,
intelligent video, imaging and computer vision technologies.

We are inspired by a singular, bold vision of a future powered by widespread, intelligent, video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision service everywhere will make people’s lives safer, richer and more fun. We are passionately dedicated to, and humbled by the mission to make even the most sophisticated, ground-breaking, complex innovations useful every day to everyone from high-end professionals to kids with competitive price strategy.
You can directly provide our product portfolio from our partners with the warranty support of Sanal Iletisim

YI Technology Turkey (Sanal Iletisim)

YI Technology signed a contract with Sanal Iletisim to be their exclusive sales channel in Turkey. Yi Smart IP cameras, smart dome cameras and actions cameras became available for Turkish customers. Sanal Iletisim is not the official distributor of Yi brand in Turkey.

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