Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste (E-Waste); Is the name given to products that have one or more electrical conduction elements within their lifetime. E-wastes generally appear in two forms;

E-Waste Produced During Electronic Equipment Tool Production

The factories that manufacture electrical and electronic equipment are formed in the; Defective parts / faulty equipment / equipment, raw material fires, defective parts (full and empty PCB cards, cable parts, metal parts, solder slags, electric bobbins, transformers, balances etc.) coming from the production band are completely destroyed by SANAL BT LTD. and reported to the waste generator.

End-Use E-Waste

This includes the types of waste that arise as a consequence of the completion of the use periods of electrical and electronic goods owned by the individual user and the commercial enterprises and also the level that can not meet the technological needs; The following are the types of intensive wastes that are completely recycled by SANAL BT LTD.and reported to the waste generator as follows:

Hard disk, keyboard, mouse, CD-DVD-BlueRay readers, printers, notebooks or desktop computers, tube monitors (CRT monitors), Lcd monitors, computer cards (motherboard, sound card, , Fax machines, scanners, copiers, UPSs, switches, chargers, mobile phones, cordless phones, desktop telephones, vacuum cleaners, tv, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, fryer, Electric heaters, air conditioners, ventilators, electric toys.