We trust ourselves;

The technology is improving rapidly, making a difference in the race, fast and sure step by step. The updating of the idea and physical capacity is important here; Because the product is an essential part of the supply, installation and integration industry; Because the competition in the industry is as harsh as ever!

That’s why we use SANAL BT choice for cooperation with the world’s leading brands! SANAL BT is the main distributor and distributor of more than 50 brands that have proven to be rushy in the sector; With more than 50 brand options, it is able to offer the best quality budget.


Because we know what we do!

SANAL BT, which can provide installation service without the need of external support with the team having more than 60 numbers, can produce quick solutions with the available personnel power; Time and cost savings to turn the advantage into service. SANAL BT is constantly updating the experience of installation with the service training abroad, increasing the knowledge and equipment for the new generation of technology applications every day!


Technology is Diversified, Need to Speak the Same Language to Make Up the Mind Confusion!

The diversity of technological developments of the scene necessitates the integration of different technologies. The interdisciplinary adaptation problem, seen as a side effect of development, comes from a problem with the SANAL BT team. Tempo’s software team also works in the field of integration!